Welcome to our blog. It's about decorating in french as we learn to speak french!
Actually we are just starting out in our Etsy shop
and we want to combine our love for french things while we try to learn the language.
We knew Etsy would be the perfect place to share our dreams. We get inspired and energized by visiting everyone's shops. Just being around all of these talented and creative people sends a great aura out of the computer! It's like being at a craft fair 24/7! Kudos to you all for following your hearts and sharing them with us, it is truly inspiring. We also give great gratitude to the makers and employees of Etsy. What a wonderful place they created for all of us to be apart of. Merci~~

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Moondog said...

i love your blog. found you from your entry on my etsy blog contest. i just love french. used to be a spanish teacher.