Week 3: Animalerie ~ Pet Shop! Featuring EFA Members - Recycled Ideas

While : Tandis que continuing our Animalerie : Pet Shop week :semaine featuring our EFA, Etsy for Animals members, we came across some of the most wonderful : le plus merveilleux Etsy shop owners.

Today : Aujourd'hui we are so pleased to feature RecycledIdeas. She is not only a wonderful artist : merveilleux le artiste in her spare time but she helps to make the planet : planète a better : le meilleur place through her artwork, through spreading the word on her blog and by her work in her "day job" as a PhD who conducts interdisciplinary research : recherche on primate behavior.

You can truly see her love of animals and the planet : planète when you visit : visite her blog and her Etsy shop.

Here is a great example : Voici un grand exemple of her fine work with these Seed Embedded, Leaf Embossed Organic Cards. They are organic and made by her from junk mail : publicitaires envoyés par la poste, lavender, and lavender seeds from plants grown in her own hometown! The cards have lavender seeds embedded in the pulp so when you're finished with the card, you can plant it : plantés, cover with a thin layer of soil, and keep it damp. Then in a few weeks you may see some sprouts that with proper care will grow into lavender plants.

Now thats recycling : recyclage!

Go check out her monkey pastels, they are magnificent : trés magnifique!

I hope you will visit : visite and support these shops. It will not only help our future : l'avenir but you are also helping the future of our animals.

EFA's charity of the month is Buckeye House Rabbit Society

100% of proceeds from donated items will go to the charity of the month.

All and any support : soutenir is always appreciated!

As always, thanks for all your help : Comme toujours, merci beaucoup pour toute votre aide.

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