Week 4: Frais Fruit ~ Fresh Fruit! Featuring Oddsnblobs

Pommes pommes pommes!

Apples apples apples!

So fresh : frais and cute : mignon, these apple magnets : aimants will add color : couleur and cheer : réjouir to your fridge, file cabinets and more! They are created by our featured Etsyan, Oddsnblobs. They even come with a bonus matching pouch. What a nice surprise! : Quelle bonne surprise! You can use it for your crafts or even your makeup... something every woman : toute femme needs!

This artist creates colorful & fun magnets : coloré et amuse aimants, push pins, and paperclips that will brighten your office space. Her urban chic and clean designs would look so cool anywhere you use them.

Go check out her shop and see the other great items that are available!

Also, drop by Paris Chic Boutique for other great finds. New products added weekly.

Hot item going fast is our Eiffel Tower Lunch Tote! It says "La spécialité du jour" ~ "The special of the day"! How divine!

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Kelly Lown said...

Thanks for putting my custom tags in your side bar! I love your blog too! I must learn some French!