Week 6: Paperwork ~ Paperasserie! Featuring daisysanddots!

It's a piece of cake! : C'est du gâteau!

Oh, how darling : que c'est cheri!

I just love this piece : Je t'adore! Can you believe what people could make out of paper: papier? Terrific : Fantastique!

This is an adorable vanilla cake : C'est un adorable vanille gâteau that will never expire! It is brought to us by daisysanddots.

This cake: C'est gâteau can be made to fit any occasion! It's great for a child's birthday party, baby shower, an open house, holiday party, bridal shower and the list could go on! You can put whatever kind of candy : bonbon, snack or toy : jouet that you want inside each slice of cake! Each slice of cake measures about 2" in heigth, 2" in width, and 4" in length.

Check out her shop for so many different color combinations and a variety of other products. She can custom make any size to fit your needs as well. This will be the talk of your party!

As always, thanks for reading along with us each week. We love to spread the word about all of the great shops on Etsy...many more to come!

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Kelly Lown said...

I totally love these box cakes! Perfect for every occasion!

You are too kind to me girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog!