Spoon me!

Okay, head's out of the gutters people! It's time to get some spooning on your fingers. I just je t'adore everything in this Etsy shop, goorsendjewelry. All of their items are handmade from beautiful spoons that received a second chance to shine. This time around they get to go out of the house sitting perfectly on your hand - making quite a statement!

Fork me too! Out of the gutter again people...
There is not only spoon jewelry but forks are also magically transformed into the most amazing bracelets. You must check it out for yourself.

Tune in, we will be posting many hidden Etsy treasures each week while you learn a little bit of French.

Spoon ~ la cuillère
Fork ~ la fourchette (slip of the tongue for those you with your minds in the gutter!)
Merci beaucoup!

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Cardinham | Killgrew said...

Beautiful! The design and reuse is wonderful. I do love them as napkin rings as well.

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