Week 1: Bijoux! Featuring MadArtjewelry

Bonsoir: Good afternoon.
Today is mercredi : Wednesday.
Salut, Ça va?: Hi, How are you?
Je vais bien : I'm fine.
Even better now that we found our latest featured Etsyan, MadARTjewelry and her trés belle: so beautiful Adam and Eve necklace.
You have to read about the process that this artist uses to produce her truly one-of-a-kind's amazing!
You can tell that so much work and love go into each one of her creations.
Please : s'il vous plaît visit her shop often for more wonderful items.
À votre bon coeur ! Thank you kindly!
Lots to do today so that we can post many new items in our Etsy shop soon. So stay tuned!
Feel free to post comments and let us know if you would like your Etsy shop featured.
And don't forget to send us your ideas for new topics each week.
Next week's topic will be "All things soft and cuddly" starting Saturday : samedi, January ~ janvier, the 5th.
Prends soin de toi!: Take care!

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