Week 2: All Things Soft ~ Doux & Cuddly! Featuring ASecondChance

Salut chacun! : Hi Everyone!

I felt so énergique : energetic aujourd'hui : today. Ai une idée : I've had an idea for many new products. There is just not enough hours in a day! Does anyone else feel that way?

Today's featured Etsy shop is ASecondChance. This is a MUST have! Her Sweater Purse - Ecofriendly Recrafted is recycled from a reclaimed knitted : tricoté sweater : pullover. How clever! : ingénieux! And I love the color : couleur. It is a rust : rouille orange : orange (that one is easy-no change!)

You can take this bag : sac just about anywhere : n'importe où! Go get yours now! Visit her shop and show some love!

Speaking of love : amour, we have some new Valentine's Day : la Saint-Valentin items on sale in our shop. We'd love you to visit and send us your comments about your love of all things French!

Bientôt à demain! : See you tomorrow!

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