Week 2: All Things Soft ~ Doux & Cuddly! Featuring Jenvecc

Bienvenue! : Welcome back!
We are continuing our week's topic of "All Things Soft ~ Doux & Cuddly".
We are not the only ones that need something soft and cuddly to protect us and keep us warm- our electronics : électronique need some nuturing too!
Today's : Aujourd'hui featured Etsy shop, Jenvecc, offers her good ole blue laptop cozy. It is designed to keep your laptop : portable safe. The blue colors : bleu couleurs make it look so hip too! I just love : Je t'adore the buckles. They remind me of my favorite painter overalls : la salopette!
Go anywhere with this, it will keep your hands warm too while you walk home!
To all of my fellow Etsyans, Je voulais vous remercier de m'avoir encouragé : I wanted to thank you for encouraging me!
Chacun : Everyone has joined in with their French comments and kind words!
Feel free to continue to comment while we all teach each other everyday : quotidiene! (we were corrected! Quotidiene refers to daily. We should say "tous les jours" for everyday. Merci :)


Jen Vecc said...

thank you SO much for featuring me! :)

Recycled By Hyena said...

everyday: tous les jours

MagdaleneJewels said...

Bonjour mon ami - merci de ma lecon Francaise du jour!

j'aimerais etre dans un de vous blogs!
d'amore Pam (MagdaleneJewels)

Recycled By Hyena said...

Here is your french woman correcting all your -little- mistakes!

Mon amie: feminine takes a e.
Mon ami for a man
Mon amie for a woman

Un de VOS blogs...

D'amore doesn't mean anything.
Did you mean "with love"...We don't say it in french. But would translate by Avec amour.