Week 3: Animalerie ~ Pet Shop! Featuring Mvegan5

Bonjour chacun! : Hello everyone!
We are now starting our third week of topics while we showcase other Etsy sellers and their shops. All the while we'll say it in English and we'll say it in French : dites-le en français.
Hope you are enjoying your lessons : lecons!

This week : cette semaine, our topic is "Animalerie ~ Pet Shop". We will be featuring animals and animal related products.
We start with our favorite artist : l'artiste and most known animal lover on Etsy, Mvegan5. Her shop is a wonderfully creative menagerie of animal paintings : peintures, prints, notecards, jewelry : bijoux and more. When you buy her beautiful work on Etsy a 10% of the proceeds are given to the charity of the month, which currently is Buckeye House Rabbit Society:
We applaud you, mvegan5 and all of your support to these blessed creatures.

The above picture of the cat : chat is a painted photo she did of a rescued kitten named Zeke. It also represents a sample of her commissioned custom work. She will create a unique portrait of your favorite pet from a photograph, how magnificent : c'est magnifique!

Elle aussi : she also founded Etsy for Animals. All items listed in that shop are donated by Etsy members and 100% of all proceeds will go to the EFA Charity of the Month (less shipping and other expenses).

Sil 'vous plait : Please visit and get involved!
Je vous en remercie : I thank you for it.
À demain : See you tomorrow.

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